5 Reasons why you should travel more – what are yours?

5 Reasons why you should travel more

In this post, we want to discuss with you the benefits of travelling and we will write about our top 5 reasons why you should travel more.

[…]that travelling increases open-mindedness in terms of trust in people you meet for the first time, people of another religion, and people of another nationality. […]

This citation comes from a recent survey by momondo.net – one of the better known flight search engines. You can find the download link to the full paper / study at the end of this post.

And while the above mentioned things might be one reason the leave your hometown more often we encourage you to read on for another 5 reasons to travel more.

Our reasons to travel

  1. When you’re leaving home it might be for different reasons for each of us. Some just had a breakup, others want to see some different cultures or go on a adventure trip to challenge themselves. That’s totally ok. While you’re abroad on the road you change. You will become more open, trust people more and be more spontaneous. Embrace this change and try to become a better version of yourself.
  2. You will meet tons of new people. Some will just be your travel partner for a day, others might stay forever. And who knows, you might find even the love of your life. 😉
  3. As you’re staying at home things become just a normal and you will start to value the less than you should. Travelling brings back some perspective on life when you travel to less developed countries. You will experience how the people there have and manage to live with they have, which will be less than what you have. And you will experience that they are happy as well. You don’t need that new iPhone* to be happy.
  4. Have you ever thought, that it might be cool to order your food just in the local language? To read the local newspaper. To understand what people talk about? Well – travelling gives you a great opportunity to practice your new learnt words in Spanish and to become better really fast. Or in case you’re more into ordering a “Cerveja” you can learn that very fast too. How about some words in german, as it is a funny language apparently? 😀
  5. Do you ever have the feeling that the time is just passing by? All the days are pretty much the same while doing your 9-5 routine. Can you remember what to did last week or the one before that? Oh don’t look at your calendar to find out! In our experience, you can embrace and experience all the things you encounter during your time abroad and out of your comfort zone more than the ones that pass by while you’re at home.

travel more

 What about you?

Those are, at least for us, the top 5 reasons why you should travel more and head off into some yet unknown countries.

 And now it’s time that you tell us more about your travels. Why are you travelling? Or why do you stay at home?  We are eager to hear other reasons as well – let us know in the comments.

*(I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t get an iPhone, i’m just telling you that you could spend our money somewhere else and get a new phone just every 3-4 years 😉 )

You can download the momondo-paper here.

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  1. Kathi

    3. April 2017 at 8:28

    Well, that’s an interesting question. Why do you travel?
    I think, I am just a very curious person and I want to see as much of the world as possible. Plus: you meet the most amazing people on the road 🙂

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