Getting prepared for Sri Lanka

Getting prepared for Sri Lanka – Our 2 weeks travel adventure in May

Yay, finally tropical weather again! We are going to backpack Sri Lanka for 14 days in May. Soon, we will add more posts, highlighting the places we “heart” in Sri Lanka and sharing the experiences we made.

In this post, I’d like to write about how we are getting prepared for Sri Lanka…

Besides our obvious thrill of anticipation of  the vast variety of nature, tropical temperatures, impressive rock formations, wild elephants, tea tastings, heavenly food, and breathtaking scenery, just to name a few.


One more from Udawalawe, because just look how beautiful this little family is! #🐘 #curioussophiagoestosrilanka

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Sri Lanka is a year-round holiday destination, but due to monsoons you should check beforehand which route to take. May to September are mostly dominated by the southwest monsoon, which is why we plan to travel the inland and East Coast during our trip.

Details on best time to visit Sri Lanka can be found here:


Most bloggers recommend that you decide in advance of a rough route to take. You also need to take into consideration that travels are rather slow (except when you hop on an expensive inland flight). We guess it’s best to decide on some must-sees, and otherwise float and find hidden gems yourself!

Our rough route will be: Udawalawe National Park, Kandy, Ella, Cultural triangle, East Coast –  which should be a good combination of culture, nature, wildlife and a beautiful sunrise at the beach.

During our internet research on best itinerary for May, we didn’t really find a lot of posts which dwell on the east coast. Maybe that’s because it’s not as touristy (yet?) as the west and south coast beaches? So we don’t really know yet what’s the best way for travelling the East Coast, and also how much time it takes to get from one town to the other. I guess we will simply drift and stay wherever we like the atmosphere, beach and surroundings 🙂


As we will backpack, we want to pack as light as possible. Considering the hot and humid climate, light-colored cotton clothes will do. As nights in the highlands can be a litte cooler, and due to potential rainfalls, we’ll also pack light jackets, as well as sneakers for some easy hiking.

We’d like to visit some temples as well, therefore it’s appropriate to bring clothes/scarf to hide your shoulders/knees. I’ve read that it’s also not always the best idea to only wear a bikini at the beach, considering the Sri Lankan culture and religion. I guess for touristy beaches it won’t be an issue, but on other beaches, a T-shirt might be better.

Besides clothes, we will bring only the essentials (passport and copy, credit cards, toiletries, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, adapter, and mobile phones with power plug). Dave just bought his first own camera (Olympus OM-D E-M10) which we will also take to catch some nice moments 🙂

And don’t forget to copy all addresses of your besties into your phone, so you can surprise them with postcards! 😉

Getting prepared for Sri Lanka


I got an anti-rabies inoculation because I wasn’t immunized yet. I already have most other standard vaccinations which are recommended for backpacking in Asian countries . We will also take one anti-Malaria dose just in case. However, I can’t give any individual and personal tips on vaccinations. It’s important that you discuss this topic with a specialized doctor, which might be your GP.


Haha, that’s obvious right? Well, I was researching so much, and find it really helpful to read through all different kinds of blogs. Not only does it help with the route, but I also get some insider tips. Also, while going through other travel reports, I escape from everyday life and dream a little bit about my upcoming holiday…


  • Get a Visa! It’s super easy and fast and costs approximately 35$:
  • Make sure you have a health insurance which is valid also in the country you will travel to.
  • Cash: Instead of changing money already in Germany, we will simply draw money in Colombo airport upon arrival. Make sure your credit card(s) work overseas.
  • Additionally, although surely most hostels will have wifi, we might buy a local SIM card once landed.
  • Accommodation: We have only booked the accommodation for the first night in advance, otherwise we will all book spontaneously (mostly via Booking or Airbnb which we have good experiences with), based on where we decide to go once in Sri Lanka.
  • and naturally, to afford traveling, you would need to save up some money in advance…


Well, I think that’s it so far. Did I miss something essential in getting prepared for Sri Lanka? If yes, please let me know in the comments below!

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