Little Adam’s Peak – Why Sri Lanka isn’t just beaches and surf

Little Adam’s Peak – Why Sri Lanka isn’t just beaches and surf

There are hills?

If you are like me you probably thought about Sri Lanka as an Island with pristine beaches and a lot of temples but you haven’t thought about Hiking in Sri Lanka. But there is way more to check out in this awesome little island. To be honest, it’s a very diverse country where you can do a ton of different stuff. There are hundreds of different temples all over the island and I recommend to check (at least some) of them out. There will be a blog post about some temples later. Than there are the beaches, which definitely are among the nicest ones you can find, some of them small and rocky, some of the being an endless bay. In addition to all of that there are the hills. Especially if you move inland towards Ella, you will be surprised how high the mountains suddenly rise up. In fact, they go up as high as 2500 m, therefore they definitely make for nice hiking trails. I will tell you of two different tracks which you can easily reach from Ella because it is a town visited by almost all travelers.

Little Adam’s Peak

This is a fairly small hike which you can do easily within 2-3 hours from Ella town. Its also easy to find therefore you should be ok without a guide here. Little Adam’s Peak is named after it’s bigger brother as they share the same shape. Initially we wanted to clime the “big” Adam’s Peak close to Nuwara Eliya but the weather forecast wasn’t really good so we changed our plans a little bit and decided to do the Little Adam’s Peak instead. You can’t really see it from the centre of Ella but if you take the road south to Wellawaya it will rise up to your left. Take a Tuktuk from anywhere in Ella, it shouldn’t coast more than 200-300lkr and is just a 5-10 min drive. You will likely get dropped off at the “Ella Flower Garden Resort” and from there you take the path on the left hand side.

The climb

The first half of the track is really relaxing and flat. As a result it is easy to do and it will probably take you around 15 to 30 minutes. You will walk through tea fields and a helicopter landing field which belongs to the “98 Acres Resort”. After that you will find some steep steps going straight uphill at your right hand side. Take those and make your way up the hill. This part is way steeper, hence it will take you another 15-30 minutes. You should be able to manage it with average fitness levels. After you reach the top of the hill you can enjoy the view.

Have you been to Ella? Any travel tips regarding Sri Lanka?

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