Our favourite apps for travelling

Our favourite apps for travelling

While I was browsing one of my favourite blogs, I found this post about apps for travelling. A lot of things changed during the last ten to fifteen years: people tend to bring lightwight e-book readers instead of heavy books. Or they install the Lonely Planet on their smartphones rather than carring the heavy book version. For basically everything you used to bring with you, you can find an app in the Apple App store or the Google Play store. Roughly one year after the above mentioned post, I will show you guys whats on my phone regarding our favourite apps for travelling – the ones I use while i’m on the road.


Google Maps

It’s basically a no brainer. Google Maps helps you navigate, plans your routes and gives you basic information on locations. You can save those to your favourites or other lists. That makes it the perfect app for every trip.




Google flights

Google flights is not an app, at least for now. Instead it sits in your browser and helps you by finding the best flights for your desired destination. In case you’re flexible it will show you alternative dates which might be cheaper or have better connections and you can choose to accept those (and save a couple of bucks) or to continue with your selection.






Google trips

Yes, i know – another one made by Google. But the company is just great at making apps that simply work and make your life easier. Trips will show you your upcoming trips (it gets the information from your GMail account) and will present you routes, sights and activities you can do at your destination. It even takes the travel planning a step further and will give you pre-made plans for different cenarios, f.e. “One day in Zurich”. Give it a try, at least to get some inspirations.







Chances are, that you already know AirBnb. People can offer their private rooms or even the whole accommodation and you can book it. Simple as that. We use it to find a bit more privat and laid back accommodations besides the next app. In case you’re booking your next stay via AirBnB you can use this code to get 35€ discount.







Basically our go to app when we’re looking for a room. Most of the times it gives you some flexibility to cancel your trip or to change the dates without extra fees. If you don’t need that, we recommend to find your hotel via the app and to call it directly, sometimes you can get better prices 😉 You can get 15€ off your next trip with this code.







Find your perfect breakfast spot for some avocado and egg toast or look for indian restaurants in New York. Whatever you’re cravings are, chances are high, that you will find a suitable location on this app. Give it a try.






remeber the old times, when you used a world map you could hang on the wall and put pins into the coutries you’ve already visited? Well, that’s an app for that. Download it, check the countries you’ve been to and think about where you’re going next.





Google translator

The last app in our list and probably one of the most useful ones. It translates everything: texts, signs, you name it. You can just point your phone onto whatever you want to translate and it will do so.






That’s it, these are our favourite apps for travelling.

Which apps do you use while you’re on the road? Let us know in the comments below, we’re always keen to test things out.


  1. Kathi

    30. July 2017 at 20:37

    Ich liebe Been, eine meiner Favoriten bei den Travel Apps! Inzwischen bin ich zu “Countries Been” gewechselt, da kann man auch angeben, was man gerne noch sehen will und das als “Explore” markieren. Sehr gefährlich, wenn dann die ganze Welt bunt ist 😀

  2. David

    9. August 2017 at 23:28

    Liebe Kathi,

    vielen Dank für deinen Tip! Ich habe mir die App natürlich angesehen – du hast so recht, dann ist alles bunt 😀 Ich habe Sie daher wieder gelöscht, irgendwie war es mir dann zu unübersichtlich.

    Viele liebe Grüße nach Prag.

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