Pidurangala Rock – the alternative to Sigiriya Rock

Pidurangala Rock – the alternative to Sigiriya Rock

While Sigiriya Rock is great and all the people are going there for a reason i outlined in the previous post why i don’t recommend going there. For me, Pidurangala Rock with it’s little temple and cave was the better alternative. It is really close to Sigiriya Rock, just a 20 minute walk from the main site entrance. It is not as famous and well known. As a result, you will be on your own the majority of the time. Since it is way smaller and a little bit off the beaten track i’ve created a small hand drawn “Pidurangala map” for you. It seems like a good idea as the way wasn’t as clear as it could be. (Oh hey – don’t judge my drawing skills…:P )

5 Reasons why you should go to Pidurangala Rock

The opening hours

Pidurangala Rock has the same opening hours as Sigiriya Rock from 7am – 5pm. But there are other reasons why you should visit the mostly unknown rock temple.

The climb

You will be on your own. Hence you can have a nice walk and climb without other people getting in your way all the time. You will need decent fitness levels for this tour. For the last part to the way you will need to climb a little bit rocky passage. You will need both of your hands here so it’s a good idea to have a small backpack. Some gaps might be around 1m wide and 1-1,5m high. Maybe you should wear proper shoes instead of flip flops 😉

The way itself

Most of the way is in a forest beneath some trees, therefore providing you with a well needed shade from the sun. While this is not as important during the early morning, you will be thankful later during the day. Furthermore you will see some beautiful flowers and animals. We were happy to see a little snake vanishing in the grass.

The entrance fee

The entrance fee is just 500 lkr (±3 US$) and therefore a total no-brainer. Compared to the 40 US$ for Sigiriya Rock it is really cheap and might come in handy when you’re traveling on a budget. You can leave your backpack at the temple for around 100 lkr tip.

The wildlife

While Sigiriya Rock has it’s famous and feared hornets, the wildlife at Pidurangala Rock is way more diverse.  In addition to the usual dogs and monkeys you might see some other animals as well. On our hike we saw a little snake and some Leguans. Most of them are way to quick for our camera but we managed to capture on shot.


In the end you will be rewarded with the most impressive view!


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