Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

We travelled Sri Lanka one year ago in May 2016 for two weeks. It was one of the most interesting and diverse countries we have visited so far. Make sure to read on to find out more about the little island in the Indian ocean.

While Sri Lanka as a travel destination might not come to be top of your mind, it’s a trip you definitely shouldn’t skip. After the civil war and the tsunami Sri Lanka is just starting to rebuild parts of their infrastructure. Hence tourism is still developing. Therefore you have the possibility to explore a partly unspoilt country with a more realistic experience. This is especially true in the less touristy parts of Eastern Sri Lanka. That doesn’t mean by any means that it is unsafe to go there or anything. We had an almost flawless experience (except getting ripped of in one hotel 😉 ).

In case you want to have more details on transportation, please visit our Guide on How To Get Around Sri Lanka with detailed recommendations on traveling by bus, train, taxi and tuk-tuk.

Cultural Deep Dive

You will find a rich culture with hundreds of temples all over the country, big and small. Because of the different religions you can visit Buddhist and Hindu temples as well as mosques and churches. You can experience all those different religions, now living in peace. In addition you can go and explore old kingdoms and ruins dating back a few hundred years telling you stories from kingdoms falling apart, being at war and being reunited. Read more about the cultural triangle, Sigiriya – the Lion Rock and Pidurangala.

Sri Lanka, also a Green Jungle

Sri Lanka is also a very green country full of trees, flowers and other vegetation. Therefore you will find the most diverse wildlife as well. We spotted snakes, monkeys, crocodiles, warans, leopards and elephants (and probably even more 😉 ). There are quiete a few different parks and natural reserves you can visit. So I can only advise you to experience the animals in the wild and not in some prison. You will find „elephant shelters“ as well but we can not recommend them as the animals are not free and often mistreated and held captive as tourist attractions. We visited the Kumana National Park and Yala East, starting from Arugam Bay.

„This little island is pretty special“

In the more central parts around Ella and Nuwara Elia you can experience another side of Sri Lanka. Your road will take you higher and higher into the hills up to 2500 meters. Here the weather is much more bearable and you can go for some hiking and discover one of the main industries in Sri Lanka – tea! During your trips around the hills you will find tea plantations as far as you can see.

Surfing and relaxing at the beach

Once you have exhausted yourself visiting all the historic sites, exploring the nature during safaris in the hot and burning sun and destroyed your legs in the hills you can rejuvenate yourself. Follow the roads towards the East coast, nearly untouched by tourism yet and check-in in one of the few hotels or guesthouses. Enjoy the beaches, take a relaxing swim and if you’re feeling sporty head down to Arugam Bay for surfing. We also fell in love with Nilaveli Beach, close to Trincomalee. Go there to explore less touristy beaches with calm and turquoise water.
If you’re keen for more touristy areas you should head south towards Galle where you will find the best from both worlds, where you can indulge in luxurious hotels and pristine beaches.

Galle Fort Sri Lanka

So was it worth it? Definitely YES! And we would go again any moment without thinking twice.

What about you? Are you planning a trip to Sri Lanka? Have you been there already? Let us know in the comments below.

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