The 5 best salad places in Munich

The 5 best salad places in Munich

I lived in Munich for the past 5 years, and only recently moved to Cologne. During the week, I often met up with my besties after work. We wanted to enjoy a light dinner in nice atmosphere, be able to chat a lot and also have a drink or two.

Therefore, my list of the 5 best salad places in Munich focusses on restaurants that are perfect for an evening visit, i.e. warm and cozy, lively, rather dark than light, offering alcoholic drinks, and obviously, serving great salads (mostly warm ones)! I think all of the 5 places are a mixture between bar and restaurant, and all are quite crowded 🙂

Having tried several restaurants, these are the ones I loved a lot:

  1. Cooperativa
  2. Hey Luigi
  3. Attentat Griechischer Salat
  4. Nage & Sauge
  5. Brenner Grill

Scroll down for more details 🙂

The restaurants I love


I think this is my favorite (although you don’t recognize salads in the menu at first sight)! They don’t take reservations (so it’s better to go with max. 4-5 persons), instead you sometimes share benches with other guests. It’s a real cool crowd in there, and staff is super friendly. You can even look into the kitchen and catch a glimpse of your food being prepared 🙂 Salads (mostly grilled veggies, optional also with meat) come with an extra ball of dressing, and toasted baguette. You can also order a half portion when you are not that hungry. It’s vegetarian-friendly 🙂 It’s located in a side road of the lively Glockenbackviertel. Therefore, you are not far from bars / small clubs, in case you fancy going out afterwards. In my experience, the party crowd was not in Cooperative though – but still it’s very lively inside and sound level is a little higher.

Go to Cooperativa

Hey Luigi

Very close to Cooperativa, Hey Luigi is based in the middle of Glockenbachviertel. Especially during the weekend also the partycrowd is visiting Hey Luigi. Reservations are possible and highly recommended, although with some waiting at the bar, the friendly waiters might find a way to squeeze you in! It’s not as super-cosy as Cooperativa, but still you feel very comfortable. When I want to go out after salad-dinner, that’s the place I’d choose.

Also check out this post on the Insidemunich blog, which gives more details.

And the Instagram pic on the right looks mouth-watering, doesn’t it?

Go to Hey Luigi

Attentat Griechischer Salat

It’s a bit far away from the bustling city life, in Giesing, but the restaurant makes up for it by offering so many delicious salads (all with different crazy names). Reservations possible only for big groups (according to website, and only until 18:30). So rather go there with only one or two friends.

Pictures of the restaurant and food served can be found here.

Go to Attentat Griechischer Salat

Nage & Sauge

That’s a nice place to go on a weekday evening, preferably only with one of your friends, as they don’t take reservations. It’s closer to the city center than Attentat Griechischer Salat, however I can’t think of any bars or clubs next door. I think the place belongs to the same owner as Hey Luigi, so dishes are similar. It’s very crowded, what also increases the sound level. Of course, the salads are so tasty!

Go to Nage & Sauge

Brenner Grill

I’d classify Brenner as very different to all of the other four restaurants. Brenner separates into a bar and restaurant and looks very fancy with its high ceilings. Although it’s always crowded, it doesn’t necessarily feel like that as it’s a lot more spacious than all of the places mentioned above. Guests are dressed chic and classy, in the other places casual and hip. Brenner is located in the prestigious, very central Maximilianstraße. They take reservations, but in a small group you might find a seat in the bar area – and also order the salad (warm vegetables dish). This dish is slightly more pricey and maybe not as big. From time to time, I fancy dressing up and go to Brenner.

Go to Brenner

Of course, this list is super subjective, everyone has a different taste and preferences. 

Let me know what’s missing in my list, I’ll try the restaurant next time I’m in Munich!

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