When in Bruges – 10 things to do

When in Bruges – 10 things to do

Bruges is an historic and medieval town in Flandres, Belgium. During the Middle Ages it was one of the most important cities in Europe with a huge port and tons of trades happening there. This led to incredible wealth of that city resulting in beautiful and pittoresque buildings you can still experience today. That in combination with choclate and the belgian beers as well as Colin Farell are plenty of reasons to go there for at least a weekend!

A weekend in Bruges - 10 things to do

Our top 10 things you should do in Bruges

  1. Wander around the historic town centre within the castle moat. It’s a small city centre, everything can be reached by foot within 30 minutes. Take your time, stop every now and then to admire the buildings. Some of those have turned into hotels, some into cozy little pubs and others have become museums. You can, f.e. visit the Historium.A weekend in Bruges - 10 things to do
  2. As mentioned above, even Collin Farell loved the city. Book a room in one of the cozy hotels near a channel and enjoy waking up in little Venice. Be warned, those Hotels right in the centre can be a bit expensive, that’s why we opted for the Rosenburg Hotel. It’s a little bit more towards the edge of the old town but you can still reach everything conveniently by foot within 15-20 min walking distance. In case you’re interested, you can find the hotel here. We’ve got a voucher to give away, you’ll get some wine and chocolate for free as well as a ticket for the Diamond museum.A weekend in Bruges - 10 things to do
  3. Take a boat trip. It’s ±8€ per person and takes approx. 30 minutes. You will see quite a bit of the city with a local guide. In addition to that, its just nice to get some unusual angles for your photo shots.A weekend in Bruges - 10 things to do A weekend in Bruges - 10 things to do
  4. Choclate – as i said earlier, Belgium is know for their choclate and thats for a reason: Comparable to probably only Switzerland you can indulge in the best choclate and pralines in the world with hundreds of different tastes, f.e. with macadamia nuts or some pepper. In addition to that, the Cocoa is from all over the world from countries you probably only have heard of, like Vanuatu. Just go there and try it for yourself. We can recommend “The Chocolate LineA weekend in Bruges - 10 things to do
  5. The waffles – Just go straight to “Chez Albert”. Get the one that suits your taste, may it be with even more chocolate or some fruits. Enjoy. No need to thank us. 😉
  6. Basically the same goes for the beer. With over 300 different local beers, belgium is heaven for beer drinkers. Just look out for a local pub and opt for at least 2 or 3 smaller drinks.  Consider yourself warned, the triple or qudruple can be quite strong 😀A weekend in Bruges - 10 things to do
  7. Food – Bruges is a town where you can indulge in food. You will find international cuisine next to more local restaurants with o lot of cheese and fried stuff. lYou can also get good meat or, even better, fresh fish. So make sure that you eat out at least once. As it is always crowded, we recommend you make a reservation in case you stumpble upon a place you like while you’re exploroing the city. We can recommend the “Salade Folle” next to Half Moon brewery as they have at least a few vegetarian options and a nice ambience.
  8. Visit the Belfrey! It’s a huge and old tower right in the heart of the city with 47 bells at the top. You will get some “carillon concert” at least every 15 minutes and sometimes there’s even live music with someone playing the carillon like a piano. Tip: Go early, at best before 10, the waiting line will get long really quickly…A weekend in Bruges - 10 things to do
  9. Minnewater park. The “lake of love” is located around the southern area of Bruges. Make sure you go there with your loved one and enjoy the time together. Sometimes there are even concerts in the park – in case you have the possibility you should do that.A weekend in Bruges - 10 things to do
  10. Beguinage – a beautiful park with picturesque little houses founded in 1245. Today there live some nuns and once you enter it feels like you’re travelling back in time. Enjoy the tranquil environment, make sure you turn your phone off and relax a bit.A weekend in Bruges - 10 things to do A weekend in Bruges - 10 things to do

A weekend in Bruges

That was our post “When in Bruges – 10 things to do”. We hope that we’ve given you plenty of reasons to visit Bruges and that you’re already planning your trip.

In case you have been there  already we want to know about your favourite things to do in Bruges – let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Kathi

    6. April 2017 at 10:22

    Belgian waffles…. oh my god, they are SO delicious! 😀
    Bruges sounds like a beautiful place. Can’t wait to see it – and go to “Chez Albért” 😉

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